Unicorn Train Introduces Remote Team Rewards for Slack

Unicorn Train is a team-driven reward and recognition app that seamlessly integrates everywhere you get remote work done.


Australia, September 18th, 2020 - Unicorn Train, the rewards system for remote workers, has just announced the launch of its Slack integration. Unicorn Train allows you to build a stronger, more effective remote team by celebrating top contributors with fun awards, small perks, gift cards, or bonuses to keep your team motivated and engaged. The app integrates with your team’s favorite collaboration tools, such as Slack, to provide a seamless and consistent experience. Slack is the leading channel-based messaging platform, used by millions to align their teams, unify their systems, and drive their businesses forward.


Working on a remote team has a number of challenges, where 83% of remote employees feel unsupported. Staying motivated is a challenge and there is little incentive to engage with the broader organization. Unicorn Train encourages everyone to celebrate small wins and exceptional contributors through an innovative prize draw system to promote more inclusive team engagement for everyone.


Positive feedback should be shared for your entire team to see. With Unicorn Train's Slack integration, employees can share praise in public Slack channels that will credit individuals with entries into a periodic prize draw. Winners are announced to everyone in a fun new ritual and your team will be notified of the prize awards via Slack.


"Having worked on remote startup teams for 10+ years, nothing brings a team closer together than celebrating wins with gratitude and fun rewards," said Brad Miller, CEO of Unicorn Train. "What makes Unicorn Train modern and creative is the use of emojis to credit other team members. The magic is creating a safe and encouraging remote work environment that empowers team members to both share and celebrate good work."


"Teams are the magic that delivers value to companies. Finding ways to help them gel is one of the most valuable ways a leader can contribute to their success," said William Anderson, VP, Engineering of Forbes. Team culture is strengthened with ceremonies, such as an exciting draw that awards prizes to top contributors, but also adds a degree of variability to ensure everyone is eligible. With more teams moving to a remote office, perks and incentives will also need to evolve to support a remote team culture. Unicorn Train provides the essential integrations that your remote team needs to build a cohesive, high-performance culture.


If you want to try out Unicorn Train with your team, you can add it directly to your team's Slack workspace account by signing up at https://unicorntrain.com/


About Unicorn Train

Unicorn Train is the best team-driven rewards and recognition app that seamlessly integrates everywhere your remote team gets work done. Discover the secret sauce to building a remote team culture at https://unicorntrain.com/