Magical Team Recognition for Slack

Remote Team Recognition App for Slack

Getting onboard Unicorn Train couldn't be easier 🚀

Discover the top rated Slack app for building a remote team culture.

Unicorn Train chat messages

Mention a teammate in a Slack channel 💬

Each 🦄 counts as an entry in a draw 🗳️

Unicorn Train Prize Trophy

Winners are selected and announced to the team 🥁

Add some excitement with fun rewards

Achievement awards for top team contributors

High achievement designations

Award your team's top contributors with a title they can proudly update their profile with. Valuable recognition can be as easy as a well-deserved appointment such as Unicorn of the Month, Team Wizard, Support Superstar, etc. 💪

Home office perks

Home office perks and benefits

Freshen up the home office with flower subscriptions, inspirational books, and colorful art. Other perks remote workers love to receive include food baskets, cleaning services as well as some time off to enjoy the great outdoors 🌞

Amazon, Uber Eats, Netflex and Starbucks gift cards

Popular and flexible gift cards

Who doesn't love a free lunch? Gift cards are always an easy win with the team, especially for their favorite sites or services. The options are endless and the amounts can vary, but they are always highly appreciated 🍕

Track your progress from team to tribe

Unicorn Train Dashboard

Perfect for teams building the next unicorn

Ribbon Number 1

Fosters a strong remote team culture

Teammates and new hires can often feel isolated and underappreciated on remote teams. By introducing a new behaviour that replaces the office high-fives and team lunches, remote teamwork can actually be fun 🤪

Ribbon Number 2

Rewards engaged teammates

Individuals are publicly recognized for their good deeds and contributions within your company. By rewarding this effort, your team is encouraged to continue sharing their praise and gratitude for one another 🙏

Ribbon Number 3

Secure multiplatform support

By integrating with the apps your team already uses, your team can

easily share praise anywhere. Unicorn Train incorporates native authentication for each platform and does not store messages 🔒

Seamless integrations with the apps you love

Unicorn Train connects everywhere your team collaborates.
Unite your collaboration tools with 🦄🦄🦄

Micosoft Teams

Teams are the magic that delivers value to companies. Finding ways to help them gel is one of the most valuable ways a leader can contribute to their success.

William Anderson, Forbes

Having worked on startup teams for 10+ years, nothing brings a remote team closer together than celebrating wins with gratitude and fun rewards.

Brad Miller, Unicorn Train

Really happy to see how Unicorn Train has improved the gratitude for one another in our team.

Adam Pearce, Blend Commerce

4X your revenue with good company culture

69% of employees say they'd work harder if they were better appreciated.

Companies with high employee engagement are 21% more profitable.

Recognition leads to increased motivation, a sense of pride and increased self-confidence at work. Source

Chart of increased employee satisfaction

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